she shimmies out of

her bangles and fringe — strips down

to herself and sleeps

4 thoughts on “Strips

  1. OK…I guess I have to admit it! I REALLY like this one. The fact that I’m a guy has nothing to do with it!
    🙂 Now, some attempt at a legitimate comment! Love the alliteration and sparkling word choice — shimmies, bangles, and fringe! Really tilts my kilt! Oh, on second thought, I guess another reason I like it is that I’m a guy! And any haiku about a gal stripping down to buck nakedness to go to sleep is going to get my attention. It’s about time someone addressed this subject. Basho, Issa, Buson, and Shiki certainly didn’t go there! *hehe*


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    • Ron, thanks! I originally imagined a gypsy girl, but really such shimmeryness can represent the adornments worn by any woman (or man for that matter), and how glorious to shake it all off at the end of the day. Perhaps we can find subtle suggestive surprises hidden within the nature observations in the haikus of the masters. 🙂

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