Editor / Proofreader / Writer for Hire:  As a professional freelance editor, I have edited 15 published books and e-books, with more in the works. I specialize in non-fiction. I’ve also edited or proofread thousands of other projects including website content, blogs, and presentations. My skills include content editing, line editing, and proofreading (I’ve frequently served as the final eyes before publication). If you have a book, blog, or project that must be perfect, please contact me for rates. I can also provide sample work and references.

Haiku: Writing haiku is my sweet treat of bite-sized creativity. I’m thrilled to connect with other haiku writers around the world through this blog site, Twitter, and haiku journals.

About Me: I’m into reading and editing books, riding motorcycles, running barefoot on trails, yoga, coffee, dogs, cats, daughters, creeks, and the moon. Oh, and haiku.

Feel free to follow me on this blog or on Twitter at @jas_jennifer




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