whipping her hair

into a tangled laugh —

the winds of change

6 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Oooooh! I REALLY like this one, Jenn! Reminds me of my daughter Shannon and the way her pony tail would stand straight out pointing to me as I pushed her in the backyard swing and then the way it would hang straight down as she “returned to me” laughing and giggling. That was always the best part — her returning to me. But then she grew up, got married, and moved away. When she does visit I always think of the poem I wrote about her “coming back to me.”

    Now I’ll have TWO poems to remember when she “comes back to me.” 🙂

    Very, very, nice, Jenn!


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    • Ron,
      Thank you very much. I wrote an earlier, boring version of this, and ran it by my teen daughter who said, “Eh.” So I rewrote it a few minutes later with more imagery. I need to keep her around to always say “Eh” at my first drafts. 🙂 I like this one too. How satisfying to connect words in a way that pleases at least oneself. And what a wonderful picture-perfect swinging ponytail description, by the way. I didn’t ingrain that particular image in my mind of my own daughters’ hair on a swingset, but thinking back, I can see their ponytails “coming back to me” now too. You wait for Shannon; my parents wait for me; and within a few years I’ll be waiting for my daughters to come back to me. Or maybe I’ll be the traveling-around one and they’ll be waiting, who knows?


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