old man winter smiles

his bony limbs wrapped up in

blankets of lights

3 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Ah, yes! A lovely image! “bony limbs wrapped up in a blanket of lights” — quite nice! “old man winter” is a tad cliche but you pull it off with grace and aplomb! Much to like in this one, Jennifer!

    Warmest…and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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  2. Ron, you are so right – a cliche. Ah well, sometimes someone has already said it better. 🙂 This year we wrapped a blanket of lights around the front yard tree for the first time. Quite nice to admire out the window and when coming & going! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    • On second thought, I believe “old man winter” is EXACTLY the perfect phrase. It has the homey, traditional, comforting feel the haiku fairly cries out for, and the haiku would be diminished without it.
      “You done good!” ❤


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