one lone mourning dove

flutters near his lifeless mate

snow deepens

8 thoughts on “Dove

  1. Thank you for calling to mind a memory I had forgotten I have — from our time in the mountains of Arkansas.

    A lovely, sad, bittersweet testimony to love…as I experience your haiku. Well done, JJ.


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  2. Thank you, Ron. It was a testimony to love. By the way, I have lived in Arkansas too. In fact, I was there a week ago visiting my parents. These particular mourning doves are in Colorado. Appreciate your comments very much.


    • Wow! Another poet escapes from Arkansas! *g* ( Yellville — far north central Arkansas, between Mountain Home to the east and Harrison to the west.)

      Just as the snow deepens in your haiku, my love for your haiku deepens every time I read it. Bravo!


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